New Vegetable Garden (2)

The beds are full, not with everything I wanted but the squashes have taken over as a result of the warmth and then the rain! have had to cut them back to let the other plants have room to grow. The sweet potatoes also are growing well, let’s hope that is reflected in the crop below.

In July I sowed a row of a new french bean we will be offering for next year, it has grown brilliantly, no slug damage, and if the amount of flowers are anything to go by, ift will be an excellent cropper. Just got to assess the taste now!

The brassicas (plants purchased from Delfland) are growing like mad. I think I should have given them more space. Have them covered with enviromesh but a cabbage white still managed to get to one bed, think it was when I was changing covers! A little damage but think we captured all the caterpillars in the end and they made an extra feed for the birds.

It’s time to think about sowing a few crops for the winter – have sown some mixed lettuce in troughs in the greenhouse, have the Elephant Garlic ready to go in and Broad Beans and Onion sets for early October.