Well November has left us with some of the coldest weather for a good few years. We experienced -6 on one night. i am reminded of the old saying however ‘November ice to bear a duck, rest of winter mud and muck’, lets see if it has any truth.
Hope you had your tender plants wrapped up? but at least it may have killed off a few of the bugs we seem to have accumulated after the last couple of very mild winters.
We have a new member of staff at the nursery, we have been joined by Rodent Control Manager – Billy. Billy is a black and white boy cat who seems to have decided the nursery is home with three square meals a day in return for presenting a few dead mice occasionally. He now has his own twitter account so you can follow him @Billythe mouser.
We are busy dispatching your fruit tree orders at the moment although this cold spell has put a stop to this for a few days, hope to resume next week.