For those of you who don’t know Potato_Colin he is our Potato Day Mascot! A Robin! He visits all the event with us and regularly tweets about his adventures on Twitter @potato_colin.(Well what else would a bird do!)

Over the 12 days of Christmas he tweeted about his favourite potatoes and for those of you who missed these here is a little recap.

1) HARLEQUIN – If you like Anya you’ll love this Pink Fir x Charlotte. Delicate, waxy texture, good taste.
2) JAZZY – like Charlotte only better, according to Mrs Colin who serves them with lashings of butter.
3)CERISA – Red-skinned salad variety with some blight resistance. Good in lighter soils, tasty too.
4) BF15 – Terrible name, great potato. One of the best for boiling and lovely in those summer salads.
5) For Christmas Eve it had to be CAROLUS. Red flesh and yellow skin, blight resistant.Good for baking or roasting.
6) CARA – The lovely Mrs Colin used these today for our excellent Xmas lunch. Superb fluffy bakers.
7) IMAGINE – waxy blight resistant salad. Maincrop, so keeps too. Perfect with those Boxing Day leftovers.
8) ORCHESTRA – All rounder, creamy flavour, high yield and good storer. Good if conditions aren’t ideal.
9) JESTER – New baby salad variety Vales Emerald x. Short Folige so good for growing in pots.
10) APACHE – Buttery chestnutty flavour with a red skin, hence the name. Steam or roast whole.
11) VIOLETTA – Mrs Colin makes purple mash for the kids with these. Good as a novelty salad potato too.
12) VIVALDI – Third fewer calories and carbs than other spuds. Mrs Colin says I need more of these.

So that was Potato_colin 12 days of Potato Christmas, there are so many varieties to choose from. We have put together two small collections of 5 varieties 3 tubers of each to help you try some of these. They are available on the website www.pennardplants.com now.

Just a few other points about some of these, Apache makes great mash too, Cara is my favourite for Roasties, BF15 is just typical of that beautiful yellow firm fleshed potato you get served on the continent!

More soon.