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Gift Ideas

Is it too early to mention the 'C' word? Here are a few gift ideas for your gardening friends. All can be sent directly to their address, and gift cards are available to complete the package.  

Gift Vouchers, Sundries, Seed Gift Boxes & Personalized Msg Cards

Seed Gift Boxes for seed packets, Gift Vouchers, Sundries 

SEEDS - Heritage, Heirloom and Unusual Vegetable Seed

Heritage and Heirloom Vegetable Seeds with a few others we liked,thrown in!

SEEDS - Heritage Flower Seeds
Heritage and Heirloom Flower Seeds
Garlic, Onion Sets & Shallots for Autumn/Winter Planting

Garlic bulbs, onion sets and shallots for Autumn/Winter planting. 

Seed Potatoes 2020/21

Our seed potato range is now open for orders, with deliveries starting in mid-December.

Onion Sets, Shallots and Garlic for Spring Planting

Onion sets, shallots and garlic for Spring planting. Available to order from November, for delivery from mid-December onwards

Bare-root Fruit Trees and Bushes for dispatch end November onwards

A range of bare-root fruit trees and bushes for dispatch to you from late November through to the beginning of March


Larger trees, shrubs and plants for collection from the nursery only. Order and pay online and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient collection slot. 

Soft Fruit

Berries of all kinds, including some more unusual varieties such as Funberry, Fourberry and Japanese Wineberry

Herb Plants

Herbs make a decorative and useful addition to any garden or veg plot

Perennial Vegetables
Perennial vegetables make a great addition to your veg plot, and go on year after year with little or no maintenance required
Unusual Tuber Crops
Unusual tuber crops from around the world
Fruit Trees and Nut Trees

At present we can only offer smaller trees and shrubs by mail order due to courier restrictions. Please see the 'Choose and Collect' section for specimens that can be collected from the nursery

Citrus Bushes
Oranges, lemons, limes and more unusual varieties such as Kaffir Limes
Szechuan and Other Peppers
Grow your own peppercorns. These hardy shrubs will produce peppercorns in the UK climate. Easy to grow and suitable for most gardens
Out of The Ordinary Edibles

Unusual shrubs & plants including wild edibles

Autumn Specials

Featured plants for the autumn season