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Fruit Trees (Top Fruit) Includes Trained
Fruit trees including Almond, Apple, Cherry, Fig. Plum, Walnut
Nut Trees
Grow your own walnuts, chestnuts and almonds
Soft Fruit (Berries)
Soft Fruit and Berry Bushes, blueberry, blackberry, grape,kiwi, raspberry, strawberry
Citrus (Tree or Bush)
Lemon, limes, oranges to name but a few. Find kaffir limes here too
Grape Vines
Climbing grape vines for eating, wine making
Rhubarb Crowns
Rhubarb as bare-root crowns and pot-grown. Grow and harvest rhubarb all year round
Grow something unusual yet edible. Szechuan Peppers, Saskatoon, Aronia, Sorbaronia and more