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Apple Trees
Selection of unique apple trees including Sunset, Rosette, Scrumptious, Pippin, Court of Wick
Apricot, Nectarines & Peaches
Apricots, nectarines and peaches, sweet delicious fruit.
Crab Apple Trees
Crab apple tree selection for beautiful spring blossoms and autumn fruit for jelly.
Cherry Trees
Large selection of cherry trees for sweet juicy fruit.
Fig Trees
Many fig tree varieties such as Adam, Panache, Rouge de Bordeaux and Brown Turkey
Kiwi Fruit
Actinidia - Kiwi fruit bushes include Hayward, Issai, Solo and Jenny, self-fertile varieties available.
Medlar Trees
Medlar are an ornamental flowering tree with pretty blossoms and edible autumn fruits.
Mulberry Trees
Delicious fruit in late September into early October.Long lived plant.
Pear Tree
Large selection of pear trees such as Concorde, Hardy, Beth, Robin, Asian Pear Koshui.
Plums, Gages & Damsons
Large selection of plum trees including Cambridge Green Gage, Czar, Goldfinch, Old English, Majories Seedling.
Quince Tree
Quince varieties include Aromatnaya, Champion, Konstantinopeler, Meeches Prolific, Vranya