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Aronia (Chokeberry)
Dark purple fruit high in anti-oxidents and vitamin C. Jam, sauces, wine and juices.
Blackberry Bush
Large shiny fruit, various varieties from early to long cropping. Many thornless varieties.
Blueberry Bush
Delicious blueberries selection includes Sunshine blue, Aurora high bush, North Country and Pink Lemonade.
Currant Bush  (All types)
Currant bush selection includes black currant, white and pink currant for delicious sweet fruit.
Gooseberry Bush
Gooseberry bush selection includes Captivator, Hinnomaki Green and Red and Invicta for abundant fruit.
Grape Vine Climbing
Climbing grape vines for eating, wine making
Honeyberry Fruit Bush
An improved variety of honeysuckle with oval shaped sweet good quality fruit harvested in late june.
Kiwi Fruit Plant (Actinidia)
Actinidia - Kiwi fruit bushes include Hayward, Issai, Solo and Jenny, self-fertile varieties available.
Lingonberry (Cowberry)
Fruit bush Lingonberry or Cowberry
Raspberry Bush
Delicious productive varieties of raspberries include Allgold, Autumn Bliss, Black Jewel,Cascade Delight
Strawberry Plants
No introduction needed, grow your own delicious strawberries from our strong certified plants.
Miscellaneous Berries
Interesting plants such as boysenberry, cranberry, dewberry, balloon berry, wineberry,