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Allium (Edible), Allium ampeloprasum - Babington Leek (Large Bulb)
Product ID Ed016
Allium (Edible), Allium ampeloprasum - Babington Leek (Large Bulb)
Allium ampeloprasum var. Babingtonii - known as the Welsh Leek. Easy to grow British perennial. Plant the bulbs in autumn, and harvest the 'leeks' over winter by cutting down the leaves, but don't dig up the bulb. Produces a flower in spring, then dies down until early autumn when growth resumes and the whole cycle starts again. The mature bulbs can be dug up in autumn (just leave at least one in the ground), and used to add garlic flavour to meats and stews. The tiny bulbils, produced on the flower stalks, can be collected and re-planted to grow on into large bulbs. Likes a sunny spot. Priced for: one large bulb in 1 litre pot
Price: £4.95