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Apios americana tuberosa, Ground Nut

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Apios americana tuberosa - A climbing herbaceous vine, so grow over a trellis or allow to grow through shrubs or trees. Gets its name from the bulb-like edible tubers. Has the culinary characteristics of a potato, although the flavour can be slightly nuttier than a potato and the texture can be finer. White and firm once peeled and best boiled or roasted. Plant in moist, but well drained soil, sun or part shade. The seed pods are also edible, following on after attractive pinkish flowers. Once a major food source for native Americans. Hardy. Priced for: 1 litre pot

Use: White and firm once peeled and best boiled or roasted.The seed pods are edible too.

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A vigorous beauty
- 09/04/2020
It took a while to get started and I had 5 separate plants come up, the flowers are beautiful and it is a strong and vigorous grower