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Product ID Ed465
Szechuan Pepper, Zanthoxylum armatum var. subtrifoliatum
Nepalese (Timur) Pepper - Winged, Prickly Ash, a spiney semi-evergreen shrub or small tree growing to 4 metres but can be pruned. Can be found groing in a wide range of habitats in China, Japan, India, and throughtout E. Asia. Often collected from the wild, the leaves and fruits are used as a condiment, either fresh or dried. Often also used as an ingredient in Chinese Five Spice powder. Tolerates sun or shade, hardy and easy. Cultivated as a hedge in northern India. Supplied in a 2 ltr pot, 60 to 70 cm high., Priced for: 2 ltr pot ................. . Any shipping charges shown are for United Kingdom only, Additional charges will apply for all other destinations
Price: £32.50
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