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Szechuan Pepper, Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim
Szechuan Pepper - Flatspine prickly-ash or Chinese Red Pepper , (Also Chinese Red Pepper) - approx 2000 yrs old, Hardy Decidious Perennial, Very Hardy, (Only the seeds are edible), Native to eastern China & Taiwan. Named for its Bright Red Peppers and one of the best commercial varities for it volume of seed productio & used mostly for important meditional mixtures based on its purity. A small deciduous shrub approx 3–4 m in height. Stems are branched, 3–8 cm in diameter, woody and grey or brown with hard prickles, White or Pale Yellow flowers & green leaves., Priced for: 2 Ltr Pot .40-60 cm in height..... . Any shipping charges shown are for United Kingdom only, Additional charges will apply for all other destinations
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