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Persimmon, Nikita's Bordo
Product ID Fr0334
Persimmon, Nikita's Bordo
Diospyros x 'Nikita's Gift' - Grafted, astringent variety. Hybrid between American kaki virginiana and a Japanese kaki, developed in the Ukraine. It is very frost-hardy once established and is recommended for planting outside. Flowers produced in June, fruits gradually from late September to December. Fruit is medium sized (60 - 120 g), orange/red at first, ripening to burgundy. Pulp is Bordeaux-red, sweet & very tasty, and after maturity has jam consistency. This variety is self fertile so does not need a pollinator. A 10 year tree will reach a height of 3 to 3.5 m. Priced for: 5 ltr pot
Price: £29.95