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Citrus, Sudachi
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Citrus, Sudachi
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Sudachi is a sour citrus used as a flavouring for both sweet and savoury dishes; the juice is almost always used unripe when it has a powerful, zesty aroma with a peppery lime-like flavour. Sudachi trees are grafted onto specially selected rootstock (Citrange – C35) to allow them to produce this fantastic fruit in the UK. Hardy for short periods of frost down to –5C this tree requires a warm, sheltered spot plus extra protection in heavy frosts if it is to be planted outside in the UK. Our recommendation is to grow Sudachi in a pot and move the tree indoors over winter. Raising the trees indoors all year round is possible in a sunny location. The trees flower in spring and form fruit in small clusters which are ready to harvest in late autumn and winter. All trees stand 100-120cm tall, in a 5-litre pot, and were grafted a minimum of 18 months ago. They are already bearing fruit.

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