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Apple, Red Devil - Stepover

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Trained in a 'stepover' shape, this is a very low-growing tree, on dwarfing rootstock (M26), that is ideal as a low, decorative and productive border for lawns, flower or vegetable beds. Height approx 40cms.

Available for delivery from mid-September 2023. Malus domestica. Rootstock M26. UK Circa mid-1900's. As the name suggests, a bright red apple. The red colour is usually solid with no other colours present, and it can become very intense and crimson when it is fully ripe. It ripens mid-season and has a sweet/sharp flavour. Also, an essential variety if you make apple juice. It produces a very attractive pink juice, with a good balanced tangy flavour. Pick Mid-season. Self-fertile, Uses: Eat fresh, juicing. Priced for: a stepover tree

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