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Apple, Newton Wonder - 2-tier Espalier SPECIAL DELIVERY OR COLLECTION

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We regret this larger tree is not included in our 'Free Delivery for Orders over £100' offer, and a higher delivery charge will apply. We are happy to supply a quote before you place your order; please contact us by email at sales@pennardplants.com for further information.  Alternatively you may collect the tree from our nursery by arrangement

Trained in a 2 tier espalier shape, this tree will grow quite happily against a wall, or form a 'natural' divider in the ornamental or vegetable garden. 

Malus domestica. Rootstock MM106. Culinary/dessert. Introduced around 1887, a late culinary apple that cooks to a creamy puree and makes good baked apples. Heavy cropping and stores until March. Priced for a 2-tier Espalier tree

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