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Apple, Charles Ross - Stepover BARE-ROOT

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Available to order from early October 2022. A BARE-ROOT tree for dispatch from the end of November to beginning of March. Please be aware that trees may be pruned to size, to meet our couriers' parcel length restrictions.

Trained in a 'stepover' shape, this is a very low-growing tree, on dwarfing rootstock (M106), that is ideal as a low, decorative and productive border for lawns, flower or vegetable beds. Height approx 40cms.

Malus domestica on rootstock MM106. Circa 1890. Berkshire. Large dual purpose apple, tolerant of a wide range of soils and climates. Pick September, use Oct-Nov. Pollination Group 3. Priced for a Stepover tree, Bare Root

Price: £49.50
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