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Potatoes (Tubers) , Gourmandine (Salad) Organic
Product ID PT169
Potatoes (Tubers) , Gourmandine (Salad) Organic

Available to order in January 2020 for February delivery. Second Early/Early Main. Waxy salad variety with a good long shape, yellow skin and creamy yellow flesh. It yields good numbers of uniform-sized tubers with shallow eyes, stays firm when cooked and has an attractive appearance on the plate when eaten either as a salad or general table potato. It holds dormancy well, and can store for up to 8 months. Won the French Taste of the Year 2012. Resistant to bruising, powdery scab & black spot. Parentage: Charlotte x Estima. Uses: new, boil, steam and sauté. Priced for: One Kilo

Price: £6.95
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