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Asparagus Pea , Lotus edulis - The Winged Pea
Product ID Sd007
Asparagus Pea , Lotus edulis - The Winged Pea
Bright crimson flowers , (Circa 16th C) The Winged Pea. It's neither asparagus nor a pea, but it's rather tasty & very pretty and grows like a dwarf Rambling Pea. ! Firstly, the young leafless stem shoots can be eaten like asparagus, or later the light green winged pods (from bright crimson flowers) are picked and eaten young (2.5cm). Tastes a bit like a cross between asparagus & fresh peas. Easily grown low bushy plant. In cultivation before 1596 , Seed Count Approx - 30 avg,.......... Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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