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Flowers , Sanguisorba minor (Edible Herb)
Product ID Sd018
Flowers , Sanguisorba minor (Edible Herb)
Garden or Salad Burnet , (2000 yrs old) All season, drought-tolerant edible perennial herb with a clean, tangy, fresh, light cucumber-like flavour (in salads & dressings,) An easy growing plant appearing early in season with attractive greenish red flower head May to Aug, sittingform spikes to 40 cm ( 1 ft) tall – forming small, dense, purple flowers & surrounded by lacy, saw toothed edged leaf. Medicinally, once used against the Plague, but now made as tea for upset stomachs & for its astringent properties, Use as a CUT & COME Again, very Hardy perennial , Seed Count Approx - 60 - Dash
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