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Flowers , Safflower - Herb (Dyer's Saffron)
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Flowers , Safflower - Herb (Dyer's Saffron)
Chimichanga, Carthamin tinctorius , Dyer's Saffron - One of humanity's oldest crops, highly branched, herbaceous annual with brilliant red, yellow & orange flowers on spiny, thistle-like plants. They are one of the best flowers for drying. Traditionally, grown for its seed, used for colouring & flavouring foods, in medicines, & making red (carthamin) & yellow dyes or a cheap substitute for saffron, (bastard saffron). Ht: to 3 ft, Flowers used in Garlands & smaller songbirds such as cardinals, nuthatches & chickadees readily consume the small, white seeds. Sun & Dry , Seed Count Approx - 15 avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges
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