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Purslane, Sea - Salad Herb ,  A Seaside Salty Nibble
Product ID Sd1026
Purslane, Sea - Salad Herb , A Seaside Salty Nibble

Atriplex (Halimione) portulacoides , Succulent, crisp sea veg, its edible, succulent 2-4cm long oval shaped green & plump leaves have a naturally salty flavour. Fantastic raw as garnish (you’ll only need a little) & with fish (naturally) or its salty leaves can be eaten raw. Use sparingly so as not to overwhelm. Blanching or steaming reduces the saltiness but avoid boiling. Low forming hardy evergreen bushy perennial upto 30 cm (1ft) in height, showcasing a cluster of minute yellow flowers mid spring to autumn, then pale yellow seeds, use to adorn & garnish foods or make them into a pesto. Prefers poor wet (not waterlogged) well-drained, sun or semi-shade , Seed Count Approx - 500 + avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges

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