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Goya (Karela) Fruit , Bitter Melon Gourd - Delica Thorn
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Goya (Karela) Fruit , Bitter Melon Gourd - Delica Thorn
Momordica charantia (Korola or Pavakkai) , (Circa 14th C) Tropical vine of the family Cucumber, widely grown in Asia, Africa & Caribbean for its fragrant flowers, very distinct wrinkled shape & edible, somewhat bitter acquired tasting long fruit with green skin & white flesh, up to 10-12 inches long. Plant is mainly grown for the fruits although the young leaves & tips are edible, it's a vine plant & needs to grow along supports so it can hang. A functional vegetable with beneficial effects on health fighting diabetes & high blood pressure. Treat as a cucumber (Only A few plants needed) , Seed Count Approx - 5 avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges
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