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Pet Corner - Tortoise , Tasty Tortoise Tidbits
Product ID Sd1152
Pet Corner - Tortoise , Tasty Tortoise Tidbits
Leafy Greens , Leafy green plants are high in calcium, fibre & minerals. Therefore they will form the backbone of most tortoises� diets. This can include weeds, salad greens, leaves & flowers. As with human nutrition, variety is a good policy so we have provided a wide selection including Nasturtium, White clover, Summer Purslane, Celeriac, Wild rosemary , Oregano, & Lettuce. To make them, just grab about a handful of mixed greens & chop it all up quite finely. They also like nettles and dandelion (which we didn�t include).Maybe you could join them? , Seed Count Approx - 650
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