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Caterpillar, Prickly , Scorpiurus muricatus (Edible)
Product ID Sd1331
Caterpillar, Prickly , Scorpiurus muricatus (Edible)
Edible Ground cover - Pea Family , (Circa 1800's) A rarely seen, low-growing historic novelty French heirloom plant and a Hardy Annual native to southern Europe with tiny Buttercup - yellow, sweet pea-like flowers and simple leaves uncharacteristic of a legume. Its contorted, tiny, coiled, hairy seed pods give rise to its common name "prickly caterpillar", They do indeed look just like fuzzy, green caterpillars. It's rare and now days mainly used as an unusual garden mat-like ground cover. But is Edible and its densely haired pods may be added to salads for interest & as a talking point. Ht: 2 inches (non-invasive) Full Sun , Seed Count Approx - 10,.......... Additional charges on Postage and Handling for SEEDS may apply outside of the United Kingdom.
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