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Gourds - Edible Dudhi , 'Cucuzzi' or Bottle Gourd (Edible)
Product ID Sd1355
Gourds - Edible Dudhi , 'Cucuzzi' or Bottle Gourd (Edible)

Upo, lauki or huzi / hulu, suzza melon , Lagenaria siceraria var longissimi - Climbing herb, one of the 1st cultivated plants in the world, grown for food, & used as water carriers, Found in the New World prior to Christopher Columbus. Edible Fresh fruit picked when young & soft, with a white flesh, light-green smooth skin & a long, plump shape tapering toward the stem, up to 3 ft long, best picked at 10 inch. Taste like tender, creamy Courgettes, looks like green rounders bats dangling from a wildly growing, huge edible leaved vines & white flowers. When mature & dried, hollow out for a bottle gourd , Seed Count Approx - 8 avg,..........     Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges

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