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Aubergine (Egg Plant) , Casper - Blanche (White)
Product ID Sd1369
Aubergine (Egg Plant) , Casper - Blanche (White)
French Heirloom - Brinjal (Circa 1767) , Solanum melongena (French origin) introduced to the UK in 1767, Solanum melongena – A white type, as in the ghost? —It’s true that originally all eggplants were 100% white, this is a French heirloom with delectable, ivory-white elongated teardrop fruits up to 5 inches long. It is early maturing and will do well even in cooler areas. White eggplants are firmer, creamier in texture and less bitter than purple types and have a mild delicate taste. 70 to 75 days to harvest , Seed Count Approx - 30 to 35,.......... Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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