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Cucumber , Merlin (All-Female Greenhouse Type)
Product ID Sd1383
Cucumber , Merlin (All-Female Greenhouse Type)
All Female - Vining, Greenhouse Variety , (Cucumis sativus) (F1) A remarkably heavy yielding ‘Frame type’ Smooth, Green, Slicing Cucumber with the advantage of being all female flowering. This vining variety is a superb performer across a range of climates but is best in an unheated greenhouse or poly tunnel. One or two fruit, with a delicious, crisp, juicy flavour, are produced at every node & grow from 12 – 15 cm in length (4 to 6 ins). Good resistance to powdery Mildew, some resistance to Downy Mildew & Cucumber Mosaic Virus. (Not a Ridge Cucumber) , Seed Count Approx - 10 avg,.......... Additional charges on Postage and Handling for SEEDS may apply outside of the United Kingdom.
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