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Chilli Pepper , Aribibi Gusano - White Caterpillar (Very Very Hot)
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Chilli Pepper , Aribibi Gusano - White Caterpillar (Very Very Hot)
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Capsicum chinense Jacq, HOT - Dwarf , Unusual, fairly compact plant growing into an umbrella like shape Ht: 18 to 20 inches. Its origin is the city Aribibi in Bolivia, in the Amazon & Gusano is the Spanish word for worm or caterpillar, hence the name. This bears 2 to 3 inch long, blunt caterpillar-like shapes, that go from a very hot pale green to yellow to creamy white. With a high yield, They are very perfumey & very rich in taste, with a lot of citrus & a sweet wood like a taste that reminds you of vanilla. The undertone taste is similar to the Chocolate Habañero. Scovilles 300,000 – 470,000 SHU. , Seed Count Approx - 15 avg,,.......... Additional charges on Postage and Handling for SEEDS may apply outside of the United Kingdom.

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