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Gourds , Small Gourd - Goblin Eggs Mix
Product ID Sd1470
Gourds , Small Gourd - Goblin Eggs Mix
A bunch of odd egg-shapes , Cucurbita siceraria (Lagenaria) - 80 days - Truly a unique mixture of egg-shaped gourds. Unlike typical white egg shaped gourds, This Mix offers a varied selection of striped, bicolour, solid colour, and uniquely patterned gourds & with a selection of mini pumpkins, Shenot Crown of Thorns and Small Spoon gourds. The maturity (80 days) is also quicker than other small gourds. There may be a small percentage of out crosses in this mix as well. Not generally edible because of the size etc, but not harmful if you try. Skins get very hard over time. Treat as a squash. Semi-trailing, can be trained on a fence line or similar. , Seed Count Approx - 8 avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges
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