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Chilli Pepper , Biquinho Red (Little Beak) 'Just a Nip'
Product ID Sd1477
Chilli Pepper , Biquinho Red (Little Beak) 'Just a Nip'
Capsicum Chinese , Pronounced bee-KEE-nyo, the name of this Cutie from Brazil means “little beak,” and it will add a kiss of flavour to any dish you cook with it. The bright red 1-inch pods taper to a point like an inverted teardrop or said to resemble small bird beaks. This has a distinctive smoky flavour, but also a rich fruitiness that is enhanced once ripened to red. They are often preserved in jars or used on pizzas, & also makes the perfect garnish for barbecues & pickles. The 75cm (2.5 ft) bushes are also locally known as "chupetinho." Scoville Heat: 1000 Shu , Seed Count Approx - 10, *** Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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