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Gourds , Loofah Cylindrica (Luffa)
Product ID Sd1563
Gourds , Loofah Cylindrica (Luffa)
Shower sponge - Luffa aegyptiaca , This is the one we all had to scrub our backs with in the 70's, but would never admit we used, and always assumed it was a sea sponge. It's actually a vegetable related to the cucumber & grown on a fence or trellis (it doesn’t come from the sea). Grows 1-2 ft long & if eaten, best when 2 ins dia. Vines produce yellow flowers all summer, then fruits are picked after first frosts. Peel off outer skin, “milk” the sponge - squeeze it from the middle outwards to remove the fleshy substance inside, Hang & Dry, use like a body scrub (Not Hardy) , Seed Count Approx - 5 avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges
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