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Cumin - Herb , Cuminum odorum (cyminum)
Product ID Sd1580
Cumin - Herb , Cuminum odorum (cyminum)
cumino aigro, The Curry Smell , One of the oldest known herbs from the Nile & mentioned with Dill, in the Bible. A, pungent, aromatic flavour, slightly bitter but not hot. Small, slender annual, Ht: 1 ft with finely dissected leaves & white or rose-coloured flowers late Spring. Harvested Seeds are actually thin, yellowish brown, dried fruits. A condiment in UK since the 13th C & taxable import into London from 1419, Seeds have been found in tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. The Romans once ground the seeds & used them on their food much as black pepper is used today , Seed Count Approx - 120 avg,,.......... Additional charges on Postage and Handling for SEEDS may apply outside of the United Kingdom.
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