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Celery , Golden 'Self Blanching'
Product ID Sd1847
Celery , Golden 'Self Blanching'
Apium graveolens var. dulce 'Golden' , (Circa 1880’s) - Syn. Plain blanc doré chemin. An excellent heritage self-blanching variety which is crisp & juicy yet compact and tidy in growth (only to 30 inches) & this aromatic, full-hearted, ribbed celery comes with thick and heavy pale yellow/green stringless stalks. 85 days and of course, no blanching or piling soil around it, A strong disease resistant variety. Celery was utilised in ancient Greece to adorn the heads of athletes , Seed Count Approx - 400 avg,.......... Seeds sent outside the United Kingdom may incur Higher Shipping / Handling Charges
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