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Mixed Leaf Salad , February Orchid - 'Violet Cress' (One Time Only Special)
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Mixed Leaf Salad , February Orchid - 'Violet Cress' (One Time Only Special)
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Orychophragmus violaceus,  ‘Zhuge cai' - Native Chinese Cooking Green , Totally edible, yet not an orchid, it’s not Feb. & not a cress, Its an edible herb in the mustard Family (like cress),  Feb to June flowers with Leaf harvesting from Spring to late Fall, either pick single leaves to eat raw, pinch out the flowering tops or pull up everything. Well worth growing for its looks alone, Stunning brightly coloured edible purple flowers up to 2 in across with yellow eyes & leaves are a lovely heart shape (Ht: 30 to 40 cm) ,said to be like a mild brassica for salads or as a cooking green”… “providing mild  tasty leaf that is sweet & fresh, a little like pea shoots with a tinge of brassica, thru-out the season. Able to grow in most soils with sun & will self-seed if allowed. Treat as biennial , Seed Count Approx - 40 avg
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