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Kohl Rabi , Delicacy Purple
Product ID Sd322
Kohl Rabi , Delicacy Purple
(Brassica oleracea gongylodes purpurea) , (circa 1501 - Germany) The name literally translates as 'cabbage turnip', A very hardy brassica, grown for its pleasantly mild, sweet, & good-textured, swollen turnip shaped lower stem which looks like a spiky sputnik. whith the mild, sweet flavour is somewhere between a turnip and a water chestnut, presenting a crisp, crunchy texture & the leaves are also edible. It can be found in two colours, pale green and this, the less common purple. High Vitamin C & Potassium, also looks really great as an ornamental Garden plant. (pick your sputnik at 3 inches across) , Seed Count Approx - 245 .......... Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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