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Perilla Green - Oriental Salad, Shiso - Green Leaf (Ohba)
Product ID Sd523
Perilla Green - Oriental Salad, Shiso - Green Leaf (Ohba)
Green Ao-shiso'Kyoto Spice', (Circa 17th century) Perilla frutescens var. crispa – (Japan) aojiso or aoba - Attractive, green leaves like parsley except the sharply serrated edges & the incredible flavour is described as curry-like & a mix of cumin, cilantro, & parsley, with a hint of cinnamon. The crushed leaves smell like lemon balm. Used on raw fish, bean curd & tempura (best variety for sushi or sashimi dishes) or cut into thin strips fresh into salads or as an unusual herb on a pizza topping in place of basil, rich in minerals & vitamins & anti-inflammatory properties, Ht: 2 ft Half Hardy Annual , Seed Count Approx - 400 - tad
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