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Tomatillo , Purple (Mexican Husk Tomato)
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Tomatillo , Purple (Mexican Husk Tomato)
Physalis ixocarpa - Indeterminate , Originally from Guatemala, grown for its husk enclosed fruits, A member of the tomato family, although not a real tomato, it looks like one and tastes better than one, Round papery husk tinged & veined purple fruits with light green to buff colored.green husks ripening to an unusual deep purple . Vigorous & productive plants are easily grown, flavour is sweet yet tart & eaten freshly un-wrapped or maybe used in Mexican salsa dishes. 75 days Indeterminate, Greenhouse is best but will do fine outdoors , Seed Count Approx - 15,.......... Postage for Seeds is Free within the United Kingdom ONLY and Additional charges for all other destinations will apply
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