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Greek Cress , Greek (Arabis)
Product ID Sd745
Greek Cress , Greek (Arabis)
(Indoor or Outdoor or Micro grown) , Lepidium sativum CG. - A slightly frilly, fine leaved low height cress with a wonderful smooth soft peppery cressy - mustardy flavour. Originally from Greece, so easy growing & suitable for indoor (windowsill next to the basil) & outdoor production in a windowbox or in a nice pot next to the back door (for ease of picking). Use as greenery for cut & come again salads, stir fries & as a garnish, all the year round. HARDY, Rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron & folic acid, & soooo very tasty too. Treat as a normal salad green, does NOT need more water than Normal , Seed Count Approx - 300
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