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Cucamelon (Mouse Melon) , Mexico Sour Gherkin
Product ID Sd993
Cucamelon (Mouse Melon) , Mexico Sour Gherkin
Melothria scabra , Mentioned in 1866 by a French botanist, this small vigorous vine is grown for its edible fruit, yet hard to position in the food chain, it’s a grape size watermelon, yet grows like a small melon & tastes like cucumber with a bit of lime thrown in. Native to Mexico & Central America & called sandita (little watermelon). Treat as a Perennial, the root is dug up & stored like your dahlias, replanting early next spring. Great in stir-fries; pickled like French or USA gherkins, eaten raw in salads or chopped & added to salsas for extra flavour , Seed Count Approx - 10
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