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Squash , Galeux D' Eysines - Warted French (Back In Again)

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Potiron Giraumon Galeux,  C. maxima 105 days. .(also spelt Galeuse) An elegant French 'winter squash' heirloom whose name translates as "embroidered with warts from Eysines", Magnifique! This stunning squash has beautiful silver-sheened salmon-pink skin covered with peanut shell-like warts as the sugar content builds in the ripening process. Traditionally used for pies, steaming, baking, soups & sauces so when cooked, the sweet, orange flesh is as smooth as velvet, firm, sweet & without fibrous strings, A flattened squash up to 10-12 pounds & Keeps well, More bumps = greater sugar content = Sweeter, Seed Count Approx - 6 avg

SOWING - Squash will not germinate in cold soil & needs a warm spot, well-drained & fertile soil with plenty of composted organic matter to conserve moisture; Planting should be delayed until the soil has warmed (can be started in a greenhouse from mid-March onward, plant out the end of Mayish), Sow directly insitu after the threat of frost has passed. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced 24 to 36 in apart, Harvest just before frosts when the stems dry & turn brown.

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