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Micro Greens , A Pretty Blend of Tasty Micro-leaf

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Blend of Salad Leaf Types, Enlighten the taste buds with intense flavour, A pretty, yet tasty blend of Leafy Salad types that taste superb when picked or grazed when just popping out of the soil and showing a few teeny tiny leaves that just scream out to be plucked and sprinkled onto something to brighten and enlighten all your taste buds with intense flavours of the new leaf. Also, use microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of your dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavours.. Includes a blend of Small leafed Greek Cress, Chives, Amaranth, Kale Leaf, Salad Rocket, Leek Leaf, Coriander tips, a snip of Red Mustard, & Purple Red Radish Rioja plus others as we see them. EAT THEM SMALL!!!, Seed Count Approx - 300+ avg

 SOWING - Sprinkle a very small amount into a small bowl or tray and pick or cut as the first or second leaf is fully formed, you may get a small amount of 2nd growth, but generally treated as a single growth & then start anew.(Annual)

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