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Flowers , Sweet Pea , Perennial MIXED Colours (Non Fragrant)

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Lathyrus latifolius, Herbaceous Hardy Perennial (Non - Fragrant), A non-fragrant herbaceous Hardy perennial with a blend of all the colours available including White Pink and the rare Full Red with a height of 5 / 6 ft, Why not allow it to sprawl, climb or tumble down in a corner of your garden or up against a fence.. Now naturalized in the UK. No perfume but covered with a spectacular range of Carmine, Rose and White bloom from June to September. These everlasting sweet peas are easy to grow & make an excellent cottage garden plant, suits most conditions including clay, sun/partial shade & will help improve the soil where planted. Hardy & Drought & Salt Tolerant. Be sure to deadhead spent flowers. If you don’t deadhead, the plant will produce seed pods that resemble those of a pea plant BUT ARE NOT EDIBLE, Seed Count Approx - 16 avg 

  SOWING - Sow Outside under protection: plant as early as the soil can be worked -- St. Patrick's day or earlier. Can also be planted October through March in a cold greenhouse for earlier blooms.  Harden off seedlings sown indoors for 10-14 days before planting out to prevent cold shock. Prepare the soil, ideally at least four weeks before planting, by mixing in soil improvers such as garden compost or manure. Best to provide climbing Support.

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