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Amaranthus (Callaloo) - Salad Leaf / Herb, Red Aztec Blend

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Amaranthus tricolour, Aka: Callaloo Leaf - ' Tampula' (India) or 'Joseph's coat' - A cultivated mix of a leaf vegetable, with striking, long-lasting intense, large dark/purpley red flowers, edible leaf with a blended red & green centre, (very striking) & a flavour of ‘spinach with a little twang.’ Grow as Microgreens or baby leaves in salads, Treat as Spinach but don't overcook & pick when very young to add colour. Not hardy (annual Cut & come again) thrives in summer in warmth - trim or pluck leaves as needed. When sown, use only a tiny pinch at a time as seeds are very small., Seed Count Approx - 200 avg

 SOWING -Plant from mid-spring to early summer by sowing seeds barely covered with soil in uniform rows. Keep soil moist until the seedlings sprout. Weed by hand until the plants are 10cm (4 in) tall, gradually thinning plants to 45cm (18 inches) apart. As the plants grow, This is a C4 carbon fixation plant & converts carbon dioxide into biomass at a highly efficient rate.


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