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Passion Flower (Fruit) , Passiflora edulis (Seed) Perennial

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Passiflora caerulea, Purple Granadilla - Paraguay National Flower, A NON-HARDY perennial vine species native to Brazil, Paraguay, & northern Argentina, The passion fruit is round to oval, dark purple at maturity (smaller than a lemon), with a soft to a firm, juicy interior filled with seed. The fruit is both eaten & juiced & is often added to other fruit juices to enhance the aroma & flavour. The very fragrant flower of the passion fruit is the national flower of Paraguay & is abundant from May to Oct.. It’s a self-clinging climbing plant which will grow up to 3m each year but die back to root level in winter. To winterize your plant, spread a layer of compost 2 ins thick over the root system to protect it from the cold during the winter months., Seed Count Approx - 10 avg

 SOWING - First soak seed overnight for 12 hours. Sow the seed just below the surface& water it to keep the soil moist. Water regularly keeps it moist, but do not saturate it. Keep the container in a warm place until it sprouts. Some seeds germinate within two to three weeks & some can take up to 4 months to sprout, so be patient. When the seedling is roughly 4 ins high, re-pot in a larger pot 6-8 in dia & provide climbing support. Sunny Spot.

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