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Parsley - Japanese , Mitsuba Greens (Seed)

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Cryptotoenia japonica, Aka: Mashimori for Miso Soup (Shade Lover), Parsley like flavour, clean & refreshing with a slightly tangy taste - almost celery-like. Mitsuba means “three leaves” in Japanese and refers to the way the leaves grow on tall, skinny stems Traditionally used in miso soup, Green sprouts are used in salads & soup or as a garnish on entrees or as a sushi ingredient. Delicious lobed, 3 x dark green leaves per stem, (hence, name, which means “three leaves”). A flavour with nutty overtones & tasty stems (used for tying sushi rolls) & pods high in vitamin C & calcium. A woodland plant liking moist, shady places, & generally grown as an annual, but will survive mild winters with protection. Tender Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 150 avg

 SOWING - One of the few culinary herbs to flourish in the shade and part shade, can be started indoors in late spring and transplant in early summer or sown directly outdoors in early summer. sow in succession every six weeks to grow into winter
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