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Cauliflower , Kaleidoscope of Colourful Cauli's

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Brassica oleracea var botrytis, An Autumn Crop of Cauli's 'Coloured Heads' this is a selection of a colourful range of Cauliflowers including White, Purple & Orange / Yellow, which will produce vigorous medium to late varieties with broad, green-grey leaves & either a beautiful dark violet or pure white or vibrant yellowish-orange compact headed plant with a fine sweet flavour. High mineral content is responsible for the colour which will turn green when cooked. Purple curds contain the antioxidant anthocyanin, & orange, or “cheddar,” are rich in beta carotene, an excellent source of vitamin A. These Insect-resistant varieties will be ready to harvest in late autumn. (in protected areas this can be a perennial brassica) 200 days - planting to harvest., Seed Count Approx - 150 avg
 SOWING - Temperature is a vital factor in growing cauliflower, Sow successionally into modules, thinning them at the seedling stage to one plant per module. Move them up to a larger pot when ready, this will prevent root disturbance – but don’t allow them to become pot bound., once several sets of true leaves appear, “harden them off.” then plant into the final growing bed, Plant at least 24 inches apart.

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