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Oyster Leaf - Herb , Sea Bluebells - Oysterplant (Back in) RARE

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Mertensia maritima, Hardy Perennial - Stunning Blue Flowers, Very Very Rare - Aka: Sea Lungwort, First we need to mention flowers, This forms a cluster of flowers which are first reddish, & later bright blue-green all thru the summer, Stunning!! Species of the borage family, An aromatic perennial herb up to 50 cm High. In the mouth, the taste resemblance to the mollusk is really striking with its distinctive, salty taste, so its slightly crunchy fleshy green leaves & edible flowers are used in many fish dishes. Can be grown in pots or in the normal ground in the garden, & is perfectly hardy (-17c). Loves Sun & Soil must be sufficiently drained, rich soil., Seed Count Approx - 10 ea

 SOWING - Start early Spring, Sow 2mm deep into moist, well-drained seed compost. Place in a cold frame. Allow natural winter cold to offer ideal conditions for germination to occur as the weather warms in spring. Germination usually takes 4 weeks from an early spring sowing. Once up, set the young plants in the light shade out of hot sunlight. Keep them well watered and never let the soil dry out, . A perennial, so sow somewhere sensible.
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