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Flowers , Zinnia - Dahlia Flowered Mix

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Zinnia peruviana (elegans), (circa 1899 Germany) - Great for beginners as they grow quickly, & bloom heavily. Use in an annual or mixed border for a massive burst of colour. Native to the Americas & named after Johann G. Zinn (18th c) a German professor who first grew them when brought back to Europe. With bright coloured, solitary, flat-faced, tightly packed flower heads (10 - 15cm across) through summer in a wide range of colours with large double flowers. Height 60-70cm., Best in full sun, warmth, & well-drained reasonable soil. Great as cut flowers, will lightly self-seed, Seed Count Approx - 50 avg 

  SOWING - Sow seed directly into the garden in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Sow into well-prepared soil free of large clumps. Only lightly cover seeds as they need light to germinate. Keep soil moist until established, Treat as an annual. Very easy!

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