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Flowers , Zinnia - California Giant Mix

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Zinnia peruviana (elegans), (Circa 1926) - Tall Giant 5 inch Wide Flowers, Taller than the Dahlia Flowered strain, longer stronger stems, so better for cut flower. Flower form is a bit more open than the Dahlia strain, with petals rounded on the ends & a bit concave upward (a bit like an upside-down piece of Venetian blind) with masses of 5 inch wide double flowers in brilliant colours of red, yellow, orange, lavender, maroon, violet & white. Annuals needing full sun, warmth, & well-drained good soil. Will lightly self-seed, (Ht: 3 to 4 ft) No need to stake, plant them close enough so they support each other. (Butterflies like this), Seed Count Approx - 50 avg 

  SOWING - Sow seed directly into the garden in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Sow into well-prepared soil free of large clumps. Only lightly cover seeds as they need light and warmth to germinate. Keep soil moist until established, Treat as an annual. Very easy!

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