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Radicchio Blend , A Riot of Ravishing Radicchio (Spring to late Autumn mix)

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Chicorium intybus, (Salad Endives), This blend is a mix of up to eight of the best varieties of chicories & radicchio, particularly suitable for cutting, baby, and microgreens. Keep your salads and greens interesting with this wide range of colours and textures, and with the classic chicory and radicchio flavours. Originally chicory/radicchio cultivation began in 15th C Italy & all varieties were named after originating regions. Usually grown as leaf veg forming a heart at ground level during cooler months. These are delicious winter salads from late spring to the end of the year (with a bit of protection in the later months)., Seed Count Approx - 350 avg

 SOWING - Sown late spring onwards into summer & harvest late summer into late autumn (very winter hardy), cut the head off complete, just above the root in autumn & a new small head will grow back. Its tastiest after frosts, Winter Hardy

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